Gubernatorial Candidate

Timothy Ramthun

platform priorities

A battle tested servant of, by, and for the people. 

Right role, right place, right time!

Timothy Ramthun is a deeply experienced and battle tested servant, both in the private and public sectors. He also is a man of integrity, with an emphasis on creating transparency in the pursuit of truth. As such, please view the following videos that highlight his initial platform priorities. See for yourself who this man truly is. 


Election Integrity

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A bold stand to investigate and repair the broken elections process in Wisconsin

At the call of his constituents, Timothy Ramthun began to dig into the number one issue requested of him. Election Integrity. This effort conjoined with the Ramthun Reports quickly became the talk of the state, and people from all corners of Wisconsin requested for Tim to come and speak at multiple events. The office created a presentation coupled with the culmination of a year's worth of evidence and multiple constitutional attorneys and experts from all across the nation. If you are looking for a candidate who will fight for truth in election integrity, you will find no better candidate on this planet.


Medical Freedom

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Constitutional Stance

Tim Ramthun will stand up for the people's Constitutional Rights in every facet of government. It was his efforts that wrote and introduced Assembly Joint Resolution 4, that ended Governor Evers unconstitutional overreaches after the shutdown. He also drafted and introduced LRB-5283/1 a bill which allowed for people to try other medications when people were facing complications from covid. He drafted LRB 5635/1 a resolution that would stop the legislature from introducing any mandatory medical procedures. If you are looking for a candidate who will fight for you, and keep government out of your health decisions, go with one who has proven it. 



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Seated School Board Member and Education Committee Member

Timothy Ramthun has sat on the Kewaskum School Board for 9 years and has also been on the Assembly Committee on Education during his time in the assembly. He is keenly aware of all the issues that have been invading the education of our children and has a proven track record of doing what is right for both the children and their parents. He will fight to preserve education and stop the indoctrination.