Nomination Papers

This movement is to restore truth and transparency to the people. In order to get the people to the Governor's seat, we need 2,000 proper signatures to get us there. Each voter can only sign for one petition, and anyone who signs for more than one will be discredited. The petitions must also be on the proper legal paper and filled out very precisely. Below is a link to the forms you need to get filled out, as well as an instructional video that offers proper guidance on how to make sure it's done correctly. For all these reasons, we must aim for a target of 5,000 signatures to ensure we can get this done. 

How to correctly complete the petition process video

Click here to watch a video that explains this process and how to ensure things are done correctly!

Click Image for Pre-filled Nomination Papers!

This is where you can find the proper legal forms for you to print! Make sure to fill them properly and do not add page numbers to them!

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Click Here!